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When you write a good blog post, you can give it some extra mileage by sending it on to your social media sites. Twitter and LinkedIn both will show the first line of your post and link to your blog. Not only does this spread your blog to additional audiences, but it ensures that you have something posted at your social media sites each time you blog. For our blogging clients, this gives them automatic social media which they can just add to at their convenience.

You can’t push your blog to Facebook any more, beginning on November 1st. Until now, Facebook has had a feature allowing businesses to import content from their blogs to their Facebook pages automatically, but that will end this week.

What are your options if you’ve been using this service?

Use a different service. Ping.fm allows you to post to a number of social networks, including several free blog services, all at once. Posterous offers a similar service. With either of these, you can write your blog post and send it along to all your networks easily.

Twitterfeed automatically feeds your blog to Twitter and Facebook, checking regularly for new posts and sending them along. We like it a lot for Twitter, but it is not very good at choosing images for Facebook. If this isn’t an issue for you, this is a good option. You can also use Twitterfeed to send your blog to Ping.fm, thus automating the post.

There are other tools out there:

If you don’t like any of these tools, then it might be time to consider giving up the push. Taking a minute to add your post to Facebook lets you choose the best images and perhaps customize the message. It also — more importantly — gives you an opportunity to interact with people at Facebook.

We like the autofeed, especially for clients. It gives them more bang for their blogging buck and provides a little social media action for those who wouldn’t otherwise have it. If this doesn’t describe you, though, this could be a good time to reevaluate the system.

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