Gideon Haden

Web Content Specialist

  • Gideon Haden, Web Content Specialist

Gideon Haden holds a degree in Creative Writing from the University of Arkansas. His emphasis on poetry in his studies gives him a focus on getting the most possible meaning into the fewest possible words — which makes his tweets particularly juicy. Gideon has written for Haden Interactive since 2012, and is currently one of our full time bloggers.


Here’s what Gideon does for you:

Social Media. A strong presence in social media benefits your company. In fact, your brand will be present in social media whether you take part or not. If you’re not there, someone else will be in control of the conversation. Regular, valuable content on the right social media platforms is key to your most effective online presence.

Blogging. Websites with regular blogging can expect more traffic, better rankings by search engines, and more response from customers, clients, and potential customers. Blogging helps you rank for more keywords, provides increased value to your website visitors, and increases the authority of your website. At Haden Interactive, we guarantee magazine-quality blog posts on a regular schedule.