Jeremy Conkle

Accounts Manager


  • Jeremy Conkle

Jeremy has a degree in Public Administration and experience in financial management, specializing in Customer Relationship Management.

Jeremy recently began traveling the nation with his family and, with his wife, blogging about his adventures.

Here’s what Jeremy does for you:

Support. One of the things Haden Interactive clients rave about is the personal communication and support they receive. Here’s how one client put it: “It’s encouraging and appreciated that you’ve clearly taken the time to understand our needs instead of applying a cookie-cutter approach like many firms do.” — J.S.

Service. At Haden Interactive, we strive to provide you with the level of service and commitment you’d get if you had an in-house SEO and online marketing team. You can expect quick response to your communications with us, respect for your expertise, and sincere concern for your outcomes.