Rebecca Haden

Creative Director


  • Rebecca Haden, Creative Director

Rebecca has been writing for the web since 1998, and has been an SEO professional since 2006. Her B.A. and M.A. degrees from UCSD and SDSU are in Linguistics, and she has taken additional college coursework in web design. Rebecca has numerous certificates from Google in Google Analytics and Google Ads, as well as certification from HIPAA compliance training.

Featured in the Wall Street Journal, Website Magazine, and Moz, Rebecca has optimized websites and provided SEO strategy and content for clients on four continents.

Rebecca is a frequent speaker on SEO, analytics, content marketing, WordPress, and social media.

Here’s what Rebecca does for you:

Strategy. We love the internet and work daily to make it a more excellent source of information and entertainment. However, we know that your website has work to do. We use Google Analytics as well as some other specialized analytics tools to test and track everything we do, and we make sure that we get the results you need. Each client has a custom online marketing strategy developed and implemented to support the primary goals of the business. We see our relationships with our clients as strategic partnerships, not just as transactions.

Web content. Writing to communicate well with human beings and with the web is a specialized skill. Your website’s main pages, your blog posts, your social media posts, your email marketing, your online ads, and your presence elsewhere on the web all contribute to the overall effectiveness of your web presence. Content is king when it comes to search optimization and conversion optimization for your website and your entire online marketing strategy.