Rosie Haden



  • Rosie Haden, CEO

Rosamond worked in the corporate world before joining Haden Interactive in 2010. Rosie’s experience and training in management in the legal, retail, and healthcare fields give her special insight into the needs of clients in those fields. Rosie’s skills also ensure that Haden Interactive projects are on time, on budget, and as described — every time.


Here’s what Rosie does for you:

Behind the scenes. Building a new website and managing your online presence can be complex, time consuming, and daunting. It can also be exciting, and we make every effort to be sure that your experience with Haden Interactive is smooth and as easy for you as possible. Rosie is responsible for making sure we have the capacity and the follow through that keep your projects humming.

Training. At Haden Interactive, we believe in professional development and continuing education. Rosie is responsible for making sure we always have the tools we need, that we don’t miss important new developments, and that we’re in the classes and at the conferences that will keep us inspired, energized, and on the cutting edge with the work we’re doing.