Digital Marketing for Healthcare Professionals

Where do patients go when they want to find health information, or if they want to find a healthcare provider? They don’t reach for their newspapers, or hop in the car to listen to radio advertisements and cruise for billboards. Most people look to the internet for this information, which is why digital marketing for healthcare providers is so important. Healthcare marketing now must be online, because that is where prospective patients are.

Don’t let your ads get lost in the holiday ad spree — digital marketing is a good choice for healthcare professionals, especially when people are being bombarded with ads about fruitcake and stocking stuffers.

People want to meet their deductibles or use up their healthcare cafeteria funds, and they don’t want to fight their way through traditional ads to find you. Search brings you people specifically looking for you.

More reach, visibility, and exposure

Digital marketing gives healthcare professionals a level of reach and visibility that traditional marketing can’t match. It’s not just that digital marketing gives health professionals more exposure, however. Digital marketing provides better quality exposure.

What’s more, you can make changes as needed, based on data. Placing an ad in the local magazine may work well for you — but if it doesn’t, you can’t make changes. You just wave your marketing dollars goodbye. You can try again next month with a different focus, but you don’t have much data besides a feeling that it didn’t work well. Digital marketing lets you put more resources toward the actions that are working well, when you see them working well. And vice versa.

More control over your audience

Increased exposure is great, but it’s even better when the people who see your marketing material are actually looking for your services. This is where digital marketing really shines.

You have much more control over your audience with digital marketing than you do with traditional marketing.

A billboard targets people driving on a specific interstate. You can put up flyers at health food stores to target a specific type of consumer. It’s possible that truck driver is looking for a chiropractor, or that person buying organic produce wants to visit a cardiologist, but digital marketing allows you to show up for people who are actually searching for your specific service.

More value

Dollar for dollar, digital marketing is more cost-effective than traditional marketing.

Digital marketing makes sense for any budget. You’re not faced with the dilemma of sinking a fortune into a prime time commercial spot, or getting locked into a print or radio investment whether it benefits you or not. Even a modest digital marketing budget can benefit your business or practice.

You can go all-in and spend big on Google Ads, but you don’t have to. Blogging provides a lot value when it comes to digital marketing for healthcare providers. You can also pay for a one-time email campaign or social media campaign.

More measurable

Digital marketing provides measurable value. You can’t effectively track business that comes in through traditional marketing, or even the number of people who see your ad. Digital marketing is significantly more measurable than traditional marketing, however.

Analytics make it possible for you to see how many people looked at your ad, how many clicked through, and where that traffic is coming from. This information is of course useful to track your ROI, but it can also help you make better marketing decisions in the future.


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