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Haden Interactive provides trainings on SEO, Google Analytics, and Content Marketing. Call 479.966.9761 to arrange a training session for your organization, or to invite us to speak at your events.

Some extra treats…

for people who attend our trainings.

Google Analytics Dashboards:

To download these to your Google Analytics account, simply click the link, choose your profile from the drop down, and then click Create. Remember that some will require you to go in and change the URL to your page or to update a goal number!


Top 7 GA Reports:

  • Audience Overview
  • Demographics: Location
  • Mobile>Device
  • Behavior>New vs Returning
  • Visitors Flow
  • Traffic Sources
  • Content: All Pages

 SEO Resources:

The blog on this website is designed to provide practical, accessible SEO resources for business people and nonprofits. If you have a question, we’ve probably answered it. If not, ask us and we will. Here are some of the most basic posts on SEO and analytics, as well as our favorite advanced resources.