Digital Marketing

Recently, we looked at year-over-year traffic for good quality websites that used professional digital marketing services, compared with those that did not have ongoing services.

Websites that were launched and left alone had an average year-over-year increase of -0.17% — essentially no change. Google announced its benchmarks at the same time, reporting that the average website’s traffic dropped over 3% year over year. The range for the sites we checked was from -33.87% to 34.93%, no surprise since there are plenty of other factors involved.

Websites that received digital marketing services, such as regular blogging, social media management, and linkbuilding, showed an average increase of 56.1%. The range was from 11.55% to 175.44%. In other words, none of these sites had negative numbers year over year, and the best of them did five times as well as the best of the unmanaged websites.

There are so many websites online now that you cannot just build a website and expect excellent results. You need regular, fresh content, data-based strategic action, and integrated online marketing. Haden Interactive provides these services.

We work with you as a strategic partner, and our clients are impressed by our dedication to their companies and organizations, as well as by our expertise.

Does website management make a difference?

There are a lot of variables involved in website performance. So we tried a controlled experiment. We set up two lab sites. Both WordPress, with the same hosting. Haden Interactive provided content for both, starting each with about a dozen pages of excellent content.fp-ao-venn

One received regular blogging and social media, some quality linkbuilding, and data-based strategy. The other — did not.

Over the years, we’ve seen again and again that integrated, data-driven digital marketing provides excellent results. We’ve worked with doctors and dentists, hospitals, physical therapists, medical research teams, health and beauty product companies, medical spas, outdoor fitness suppliers, therapists, psychologists, health food and pharmaceutical companies, medical practice software companies, medical transcription services, and more. This depth of experience will give your web content the air of authority you want. At the same time, our expertise in SEO and digital marketing ensures that your digital marketing will be up to date and effective.

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