The Website Redesign Process: Launch

We’ve been sharing our website redesign process with you as we moved through the adventure of redesigning our own website here at The posts thus far:

After all the work involved in a website redesign comes the exciting moment when you launch the new website. You can see our new design above (and of course on the website where you’re reading this) and the old site design below.

Both designs are beautiful and our site was not having problems. However, after a few years, there are enough changes in web design style, web use, and — in our case — our business to make it sensible to have a redesign. new-Hi

Here are some of the before and after points for our new website:

  • The basic site architecture and main navigation are about the same, but the look reflects the artistic vision of our in-house designer, Tom Hapgood.
  • The new site is more interactive than the old one. We hope you’ll take advantage of the opportunity!
  • We have a lot more about our team than we used to, since we have a lot more people on our team than we used to.
  • We’re using the new stacked style rather than an all-above-the-fold look. We’re still making sure that our most essential “What we do” information is visible immediately.
  • We have more static content on our homepage.
  • Social media is integrated more thoroughly.
  • We’re using a different approach with our multimedia, since WordPress now has more options than in the past.
  • The blog shows in a new tiled style rather than in the more typical list view. We’re also feeding blog posts into various subject areas. That means that someone looking for information about email marketing will be able to see new posts about email marketing on the same page as the basic information about email marketing.

We hope you enjoy the new website.

Now, redesigns for clients often focus on specific problems. We really weren’t facing problems with our old site, but we’ll still be watching for positive changes. We’re also watching for problems, and you should too when you launch a redesigned site.

However excellent your new website, there will be things that didn’t come up in testing. There will be bugs. There will be things users do that none of the testers thought of doing. There will be things that seemed like a good idea before launch but turned out to be problematic when real people got to the website.

If you have lots of traffic, you’ll catch these things fairly quickly. If you have little traffic, it might take longer. Either way, don’t be upset — just fix them. It’s part of the process.

We’ve been in our site all morning fixing things. If you catch something we didn’t please give us a shout and we’ll fix whatever you discover, too.

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