Website Redesign Process: New Assets

If you’re starting a brand new company with a brand new website, you may have nothing to give your web team but your branding and brainstorming. For a website redesign process, though, you probably have a lot of stuff that they need.

Chances are you have images you want to use, guidelines for your company’s visual identity, photos, infographics, information, videos, links, and documents that you want included on your website somehow.

Getting it to them can be complex. Try the simple quiz below to see how ready you are to turn over your assets to your team:

  • You have your logo..
    • in a vector file
    • as a JPG
    • in a PDF
    • on a business card
  • Your photos…
    • are collected on a CD-ROM or USB drive
    • are somewhere on your computer, or maybe in your phone
    • are in a shoebox
    • …what photos?
  • Your videos…
    • are uploaded at YouTube or Vimeo, and you’ve provided the links.
    • are in MP4 format in a dropbox.
    • are in Flash, and you want some changes when they’re uploaded.
    • are commercials on TV. How do we put those on the internet?
  • Your company and product information…
    • is organized in a Word document.
    • is contained in a bunch of brochures, ads, and handwritten notes you’ve gathered.
    • can be found easily around on the web if the team will just Google it.
    • is still pretty fluid, but we’ll be able to add and change things as we go along, right?
  • If you have patient forms, newsletters, or other documents you want included in the website…
    • you have them as HTML files, or have the budget to create them.
    • you have them as web-optimized PDf files.
    • you have them on pieces of paper in an envelope.
    • you’re going to find them pretty soon and get them updated or something.
  • Your staff information for the About Us page…
    • is in that Word document mentioned above.
    • is up to date on the current website.
    • is readily available on LinkedIn.
    • isn’t ready yet, but we announced at the staff meeting that everyone should send you something.
  • Your company’s social media information…
    • is also in that Word document.
    • is up to date on the current website, and we’re sending the log-in info in an email.
    • is known only by the people who set it up, and they no longer work here.
    • …we don’t have any social media. Do we?
  • When you’re asked for access to your website…
    • you provide the URL for logging in as well as the password and username for your C panel, plus the FTP information.
    • you provide the login information for your WordPress website.
    • you think you might know the name of the hosting company, and you’ll ask your IT guy.
    • you’re not sure what the question means.

How’d you do? The closer your answers are to the top of the list, the easier it’s going to be.

The best plan is to have all the things you need gathered up to give to your web team before they begin work. This will help avoid delays and ensure that everything you want in your website actually gets into your website.

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