WordPress SEO at Kansas City WordCamp

I’m preparing a presentation for WordCamp in Kansas City, coming up in June of this year (June 11th and 12th, to be precise, so get your tickets now). The topic is SEO for WordPress, so I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about that. KC WordPress speaker

In particular, I’ve been thinking about whether SEO for WordPress is very different from SEO for other platforms.

Naturally, I’m going to be showing specific stuff for WordPress: how to choose and use SEO plugins, what difference a theme makes, how many of the fields and forms all over your admin section you can ignore…

But once you get your plugins and widgets sorted, best WordPress SEO practices are going to have a lot in common with all other SEO best practices.

You still need quality content, snappy load time, clear communication with search engines, and off-site support. You still need keyword research, site testing, linkbuilding, and good meta tags. How you go about getting some of these things may differ slightly, but the basics are still basic.

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