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Haden Interactive is a web content, SEO, and inbound marketing company headquartered in Fayetteville, Arkansas, serving clients on four continents. Our clients’ websites don’t sit around waiting to be discovered — they go out and introduce themselves.

We use our expertise in analytics and digital marketing to help medical professionals, health and wellness companies, and wellness-focused cause marketers establish thought leadership.

Through analytics, SEO strategy, inbound marketing, and digital advertising, your practice, organization, or company can harness the power of the web to reach and engage the people who want and need your goods and services. We can help.

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Your Practice’s Budget for Digital Marketing

Digital marketing for healthcare professionals is becoming increasingly important, and your budget should reflect that. What percentage of your marketing budget should be digital? Here are some things to keep […]

Will New Facebook Changes Hurt Your Practice?

Facebook is making changes to their algorithm — the software rules that decide what you see when you go to Facebook. Facebook, like similar services, makes changes to their algorithm […]

Tool Tryout Tuesday: Fastbase

We tried out Fastbase, a Google Analytics add-on that gives you more information about the companies that are visiting you. You can get this information yourself, but Fastbase makes the […]

Your New Practice Website

Too many healthcare professionals have no website. If you’ve just launched a website for your practice, though, you might be wondering whether the effort was worth it. How can you […]

When Your New Website Launches

  Launching a new website is an important milestone for your business. With the level of online competition in the world today, however, you probably know that it’s not a […]

They’re All Web Leads

Our CRM software shows us our sales according to lead source, complete with this handy-dandy pie chart that clearly demonstrates how important our website is to our revenue. If you […]

Optimizing for Adwords

Google Adwords is pay per click marketing at its finest: your ads show up only to people who are actively looking for what you have to offer. These are the […]

Do You Need to Install Web Analytics?

“Do you need to install web analytics?” may seem like a shocking question for those within the SEO community, but it’s something that a lot of website owners want to […]

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    Rebecca knows her business and is able to translate the mysteries of SEO, linkbuilding, analytics, etc. into a language we can understand. She’s thoughtful and creative. She really LISTENS. Her practices are 100% ethical – which makes us feel good about our own company’s practices. I also want to add that, since Rebecca rewrote our website and added blogs plus social media, our internet leads have increased by 386%! Now THAT’S something to brag about!
    Susan Idlet, Fayetteville, AR
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