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Haden Interactive is an SEO and digital marketing firm specializing in healthcare and wellness. Based in Fayetteville, Arkansas, we provide digital marketing services to all of Northwest Arkansas, as well as clients on four different continents.

Our core services include content marketing, content strategy, SEO, and digital marketing for physicians, clinics, and anyone operating in the field of the health and wellness. We work closely with healthcare marketers, or your healthcare marketing team, to provide the highest quality content, and achieve the highest quality results.

Whether you’re looking to build healthcare content through regular blogging for your private practice, establish your wellness company as a thought leader in your field, or optimize your healthcare website for search, we can help.

We use our expertise in analytics, inbound marketing, and digital advertising to help medical professionals, health and wellness companies, and wellness-focused cause marketers establish thought leadership.

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Alexa Goes HIPAA-Compliant

Amazon is very supportive of robots and AI, and very interested in the health and wellness products space. So it was only a matter of time till Alexa began to […]

Patient Search Journey: Problem to Solution

Google tells us that people looking for a healthcare solution usually start by Googling their problem. As they learn new terminology, they narrow their search. Then they begin to look […]

Understanding Embedding

The infographic below has been embedded on this page. That means that it doesn’t really live on this page. If this is a new concept for you, it might be […]

A Post or a Page?

WordPress websites give you the option of creating a Post or a Page. Here’s the editor for a Post: Here’s the editor for a Page:   No wonder people get […]

Is Alexa Listening to You?

Is Alexa listening to you at all times and recording all your conversations? No. But Alexa might be recording more than just your commands to set a timer. Alexa doesn’t […]

Influencers and Inaccurate Information

A UK study checked out 9 popular influencers who shared information on weight loss. Each one had multiple social media platforms, 80,000 or more followers on at least one social […]

Is Word of Mouth Enough for Your Business?

We were talking with the owner of a local specialty medical clinic recently, and he assured us that word of mouth was often the best source of new business for […]

Is Ecommerce Worth It?

Last year, American consumers bought $513.61 billion in goods online. This year they’ll buy more. But the Wall Street Journal tells us that the profit margins were quite small. Consumers […]

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    Rebecca knows her business and is able to translate the mysteries of SEO, linkbuilding, analytics, etc. into a language we can understand. She’s thoughtful and creative. She really LISTENS. Her practices are 100% ethical – which makes us feel good about our own company’s practices. I also want to add that, since Rebecca rewrote our website and added blogs plus social media, our internet leads have increased by 386%! Now THAT’S something to brag about!
    Susan Idlet, Fayetteville, AR
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