• Happy Independence Day!

    Happy Independence Day!

    Wishing everyone a happy Independence Day! Haden Interactive will be closed today.

  • Can Chat GPT Choose Your Keywords?

    Can Chat GPT Choose Your Keywords?

    We expect that generative AI tools like ChatGPT will end up being as useful as calculators. Just as we wouldn’t ask a calculator to do our taxes, we don’t expect ChatGPT to be able to write good blog posts. But we have been working on identifying the tasks it can help with. Rosie suggested that…

  • Building Blocks: The Evolution of WordPress

    Building Blocks: The Evolution of WordPress

    I had the pleasure of writing the second volume of the WordPress history book last year. The new book, called Building Blocks: The Evolution of WordPress, reviews the history of WordPress, the software and the community from 2013 to 2023. You can download a free copy at Github. What’s up with WordPress? The past decade has…

  • Filling the COVID-19 Information Void

    Filling the COVID-19 Information Void

    White House COVID-19 response team leader Ashish Jha recently asked doctors to help educate the public on the virus. In a speech at a meeting of the Massachusetts Medical Society, Jha told healthcare professionals, “What we have seen is the widespread propagation of misinformation and disinformation. And the reason it has taken root is because there was an information vacuum…It is critical…

  • Dates on Your Blog Posts?

    Dates on Your Blog Posts?

    A blog — even if you don’t call it a blog — is one of the best tools for SEO and increasing the overall value of your website. Regular, fresh content at your website gets the attention of the search engines and brings visitors back to your site. It gives you good reasons to link…

  • SEO and Search Intent

    SEO and Search Intent

    One of the most important factors to consider in your SEO strategy is your ideal customer’s path to purchase. If you’re offering a Zumba dance program that helps with joint pain, you need to think about everything your ideal customer does between beginning to feel concerned about joint pain and choosing to sign up with…