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  • When Traffic Goes Down  at Your Website

    When Traffic Goes Down at Your Website

    We usually expect traffic to rise at the websites we work with. But — especially if you don’t have SEO professionals working for you — that’s not the only direction traffic can go. Sometimes traffic goes down. Here’s an example. This was a website we had worked on, but the site owner took on the…

  • Catching the Seasonal Wave at Your Blog

    Catching the Seasonal Wave at Your Blog

    You want steady traffic at your blog, of course, but it’s also good to catch the seasonal waves as they come. Bringing new people to your blog with seasonal search queries can help introduce your blog to new readers, and seasonal long tale search terms can have less competition than your regular keywords. An example…

  • Website Traffic

    Website Traffic

    We’re sending out analytics reports this week, and so far every client has had a nice website traffic increase for Quarter 1. That’s what we like to see, and what our clients like to see. But there may be more to it than just happy angles on your traffic chart. Is increased traffic always good?…

  • Does Your Website Work Weekends?

    Does Your Website Work Weekends?

    One of the great things about your website is that it will go ahead and work for you while you’re out doing other things. It will, assuming you have a good website, show the best side of your business to visitors 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Your Website’s Traffic

    Your Website’s Traffic

    Your website’s traffic is the starting point for web analytics reports, and of course everyone is happy to hear about their increases in traffic. Me, too. But up and down isn’t all you can say about web traffic. Ask yourself a few more questions while you’re thinking about web traffic, and you’ll get more out…

  • How to Install Google Analytics

    How to Install Google Analytics

    Google Analytics provides rich web analytics and an ever-increasing range of features — for free. We install Google Analytics in every website we build or manage, and you should do the same.