A New Website for an Investor Network

We’re pleased to announce the launch of a new custom WordPress website for VIC Technology Venture Development Ecosystem. VIC works with innovative technologies that have the potential to improve healthcare and wellness. Their initiatives include projects like Melody, a method of identifying early-stage breast cancer through tears.

We’re delighted to support their valuable work.


The site boasts a slider that visitors can use to explore some of the most important features of the investor network.

Visitors can browse through the companies on offer, but most details are visible only to bona fide investors.

The process for joining as an investor is designed to provide a good experience for investors, while making sure that VIC has control over how members are accepted and welcomed.

Custom fields allow VIC to make changes to forms and messages easily in the WordPress editor, with minimal code.

In fact, each page is designed to make it easy for VIC to add and update pages in-house, confident that every updated post or page will maintain a consistent look no matter who does the updates.

Planning ahead

When your website isn’t just a pretty face, it’s essential to plan ahead. How will you use your website? How do you want visitors to use it? Will there be unique user roles (Investors, in this case) who need special functionality? Which parts of the website will need frequent changes, and will you make those changes in-house?

There are also functions every professional website needs — but which your web firm might not include.

Here are some elements we think just about every website should have:

  • Google Analytics installed
  • Google Search Console configured
  • A site map submitted to Google
  • Yoast SEO plugin installed and configured
  • Edit Flow plugin installed to handle multiple authors and content marketing strategy
  • A team page set up for easy updating
  • An interactive map
  • A contact page with name, address, phone, and email information in standard formats
  • Really Simple SSL to avoid glitches
  • Any needed security plugins — your hosting company can tell you what they cover and what you need a plugin to take care of
  • Classic Editor plugin to allow a choice between the Classic and Block Editors

Ask your web team if you have these items covered.

Is it time for a new website? If your website has been around for a while, you might be amazed by all the things websites can do nowadays. Contact us to discuss your needs.






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