Rebecca Haden

  • Are Digital Ads Optional?

    Are Digital Ads Optional?

    Big companies have always advertised online — “always” here meaning ever since it became an option — but there has been a perception that the internet leveled the playing field, allowing smaller companies to reach consumers through organic search with a much smaller budget than the cost of big ad campaigns. Is that true? Can…

  • Who Should Have Access to Your Website?

    Who Should Have Access to Your Website?

    One of the decisions you need to make when you launch your new website is this: who should have access to your website? That is, who should be able to get into the admin area and make changes?

  • Pick Your Plugins

    Pick Your Plugins lists 59,576 plugins. There are more that aren’t listed there, but we can use that number to develop a useful estimate of the number of plugins available: a whole lot. How do you know which ones to use at your WordPress site? Some people have a list of plugins they routinely use, and in…

  • Are Your Pages Indexed?

    Are Your Pages Indexed?

    Many people believe that Google, when they search for something, rushes around the internet looking for stuff. “Google,” they ask, “what is the most effective anti-aging supplement?” and then Google goes to find the answer. That’s not exactly how it works. Google actually visits new pages that appear online in its free time between queries,…

  • How to Lose Friends and Alienate People with Your Website

    How to Lose Friends and Alienate People with Your Website

    Once upon a time, I needed to rent a tuxedo for my teenaged son, who was a music student. I’ll end the suspense right now by saying that I succeeded. Not only were we able to rent the suit, along with the needed shoes (for some reason they’re not allowed to perform in sneaks) and…

  • New Year’s Resolutions and Marketing

    New Year’s Resolutions and Marketing

    Plenty of conversations this week have centered on good plans for the new year, if not on resolutions. This is the year Braden is going to eat healthy and Maya is going to get to the gym four times a week and Devon is finally going to quit smoking. Yes, more than 90% of all…