• Using Video to Promote Your Brand

    Using Video to Promote Your Brand

    Adding video to your website used to be time consuming and expensive. Now it’s simple and cost effective. Let’s look at some of the ways you can use video on your website to promote your brand. Our clients are providing the examples.

  • YouTube Embedding, Your Way

    YouTube Embedding, Your Way

    We’re putting the finishing touches on a new website before launch, and one of the issues was the way their videos were embedded. The site owners have some nice videos at YouTube already, and we have them embedded on their pages. Embedding videos from YouTube saves bandwidth, keeps your pages from slowing down, and encourages…

  • Print and Web Together: Doing it Right

    Print and Web Together: Doing it Right

    In the Bad Old Days of the internet, people often just grabbed the text and pictures from their print brochure and stuck it on their websites. This doesn’t work well. People interact differently with brochures than with websites. They read them differently and respond to them differently. They have to be written and designed differently.…

  • Planning a Vlog

    Planning a Vlog

    Blogs often contain videos these days, but what about the vlog — a blog that’s all videos? How can you plan for success when you’re planning a vlog?

  • 10 Quick Tips for Your Company Video

    10 Quick Tips for Your Company Video

    Tom Hapgood’s animation class is working on a 15 second video project for local startup myDealCompass. Since many of the students plan to work in advertising when they finish school, this project gives them some real-world experience with thinking about an advertising message, working with a client, and dealing with constraints that are part of…

  • Video Interviews for Your Website

    Video Interviews for Your Website

    Videos are good for your website. Many visitors like to get their information that way, they lend themselves to social media use, and they make you look good on the SERPs (search engine results pages).