• Tool Tryout Tuesday: Fotor

    Tool Tryout Tuesday: Fotor

    When Fotor contacted me to ask for a review of their online photo editor I actually thought they were Foter, a tool I reviewed here years ago, which no longer exists. Not realizing that Foter had disappeared into the ether, I thought it  was high time for an update. In fact, Fotor is a very nice…

  • Can You Use Casual Photos on Your Website?

    Can You Use Casual Photos on Your Website?

    One of the questions that often comes up as we gather information and images for a website is this: can you use random snaps you have hanging around for your website? Casual photos are often readily available on people’s computers, so it makes sense to consider using them.

  • YouTube and Health Information

    YouTube and Health Information

    YouTube will crack down on, among other things, “videos promoting a phony miracle cure for a serious illness.” There are plenty of these on YouTube. Cure cataracts with spinach! End diabetes by chewing garlic cloves! Binaural beats stop depression! Or, as a study published in Health Informatics put it, “YouTube contains misleading information, primarily anecdotal,…

  • Using Video in Social Media

    Using Video in Social Media

    Videos are a great tool for social media. They are a nice change of pace from pure text and, if used properly, they can offer a boost to online marketing. So how do you pick a video for your social media channels? The first thing you need to do is figure out what you are…

  • Present Yourself: Slideshares

    Present Yourself: Slideshares

    Have you mastered LinkedIn, dominated Facebook, and taken over Twitter? Are you in need of a new challenge in the social media and content marketing space? In that case, you may be ready to Present Yourself at Slideshare. Present Yourself: Using SlideShare to Grow Your Business  starts off with some encouragement to use visual content…

  • Exit Your SEO Time Machine Slide Deck

    Exit Your SEO Time Machine Slide Deck

    Get Out of Your SEO Time Machine! from Rebecca Haden Below you will find the slides from my Word Camp Fayetteville 2013 presentation. SlideShare lost the animations and compressed the text to the point of overlapping in some cases, but we all agreed to upload to SlideShare. If you’d like to see the slides in…