Using Video in Social Media

Videos are a great tool for social media. They are a nice change of pace from pure text and, if used properly, they can offer a boost to online marketing. So how do you pick a video for your social media channels?

The first thing you need to do is figure out what you are trying to convey by using a video. Do you want something that is light-hearted and entertaining, or something more serious and thought provoking? Do you want people to take certain actions after watching the video? Do you want them to have the video stuck in their head for the next 24 hours? Maybe it’s a combination of things.

Your overall content marketing strategy is a great starting point, but you don’t have to narrow your focus as much with social media as with the content on your home page or a company white paper. Social media allows you to share fun moments, focus on fast-changing news and memes, and connect with your community.

Once you identify what you want to get across, the next step is to find a video that embodies your point.

Let’s say you own a company that makes efforts to be environmentally friendly. One of your goals could be making that fact known to customers, so you might post a video about environmental conservation. This establishes a connection between your company and good environmental practices.

Social media is also a great way to showcase strategic partners and people or organizations you’d like to support. It might not be relevant enough to your business to belong on your website, but a local nonprofit’s PSA can definitely show up on your Facebook page.

On the other hand, you might want to share something funny that you know your target audience would enjoy. An HBA company could share Wong Fu Productions’ grooming tips with tongue in cheek:

Something to consider when using video in social media is duration. People aren’t always checking out social media with a giant computer monitor and a comfy chair. A lot of people rely on little phone screens while waiting at a bus stop. Longer videos may have more substance than shorter ones, but there’s a greater likelihood of the shorter video being watched in its entirety when shared via social media. The ideal video is quick, concentrated and concise.

While it’s okay to post a video in social media without text, posting a video with text can be way more effective. Think about text that will strengthen what the video says rather than distract from it. It’s good to reinforce the points that made you choose the video in the first place. A video might speak for itself, but it might not always say what you want it to say. If you are trying to get a related point across to people, take the opportunity to do so.

Think about your business and think about your customers. If you know both of those things well, choosing a video is easy.

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