Tool Tryout Tuesday: Fotor

When Fotor contacted me to ask for a review of their online photo editor I actually thought they were Foter, a tool I reviewed here years ago, which no longer exists. Not realizing that Foter had disappeared into the ether, I thought it  was high time for an update. In fact, Fotor is a very nice and completely new to me tool.

They’re comparable to Canva or Adobe Spark. 

An easy photo editor


Log in and pick “Edit a Photo” from the homepage. 

Fotor photo editor

You’ll find a very nice photo editor. Resize, adjust colors and exposure, remove the background, make your subject look thinner — it includes all the things I normally do with photos and plenty of things I hadn’t thought of doing.

You can also make collages — lots of choices, and it’s quite automatic.

The interface is nice, it functions smoothly, and it’s quick to respond. It’s not Photoshop, but if you prefer an online photo editor, this is a great choice.

Design tool

Fotor will also create all kinds of graphics and publications. The list includes the things you might expect, such as Twitter graphics or blog illustrations, presentations, and Facebook covers. But it also includes class schedules, seating charts, book covers, invoices, and more.


Each option includes a large number of templates, both free and premium, and you can edit each one. Again, the interface is intuitive and smooth. 

I like the fact that you can create a design, and then resize it for the different applications you need. 

Fotor online design tool

Here you see a vertical post turned horizontal. 


Fotor will even jump in and make suggestions.


A stock photo source

Fotor is even a stock photo source, if you spring for the Pro version. The price is lower than a lot of stock photo sources, and the images are high quality. 

Do some searches before you sign up, if this is your main reason for going with the Pro version. Many of the terms I search for all the time had no images at all in the Fotor collection. However, if you use the pictures they have, you could definitely save by using Fotor as your stock photo source. It’s also very convenient to have access to a wide range of images as you’re working on graphics.

They claim to have one million images and templates, and to add new assets every week. 


Bottom line, Fotor is definitely worth looking into. If you already use free tools like Canva, Fotor gives you another option. I found it more intuitive and less clunky than some of the others, and the Pro version is quite affordable.






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