Online marketing

  • Where Should You Advertise?

    Where Should You Advertise?

    We focus on inbound marketing. Our clients see much more traffic from organic search than from any ad buys. However, if you have the funds to do some advertising in addition to your content marketing, you will want to make sure you put your resources toward the right media. So how can you decide —…

  • A Book Promotion Website

    A Book Promotion Website

    Quite a few of our clients are authors or have books to promote on their websites. We’ve recently updated the website of a long-term client to showcase his new book. The point of the website update is to focus narrowly on the new book. The homepage is essentially a landing page we can use for…

  • Digital Marketing Fears

    Digital Marketing Fears

    In one episode of the popular TV show Big Bang Theory, waitress Penny decides to market her crafts for some side income. Theoretical physicist Leonard builds a website (which the gang thinks looks like a 13 year old girl’s Myspace page), and almost as soon as it is launched Penny receives a rush order for…

  • Considering Threads for Your Business?

    Considering Threads for Your Business?

    Threads is a new alternative to Twitter from Meta, the Facebook company.  Compared with Twitter, it allows longer posts: 500 characters, with videos up to 5 minutes long. When you sign up — just download the app from your Instagram account — you will be offered the chance to follow all the same accounts you…

  • Affiliate Marketing, Modeling, and Money

    Affiliate Marketing, Modeling, and Money

    Modeling and affiliate marketing have some things in common.

  • (Harmless) Stalking for Fun and Profit

    (Harmless) Stalking for Fun and Profit

    Knowing more about your customers can mean knowing the kind of content they’ll enjoy and find useful, the places you should be to connect with them online, and the kinds of offers they’ll find appealing. When you really know your clients, you’re less likely to fall prey to overgeneralizations (“Nobody watches TV any more”) or…