• More Spam

    More Spam

    Recently we’ve had a couple of clients reach out to us in alarm because they are seeing more spam. They see more spam comments, more spam subscriptions, and more spam emails. It’s not their imaginations. Check out some statistics: Americans received 225 billion spam texts in 2021, a 157% increase over 2021. 56.5% of all…

  • WordPress.com for Business?

    WordPress.com for Business?

    WordPress is the most popular content management system in the universe. WordPress.com is a free or low-cost hosting option that uses WordPress. It’s a great choice for your family book club site, your private blog, or a classroom project. Does WordPress.com make sense for your practice website, your professional site, or your business online presence?…

  • Maybe You Don’t Need a New Website

    Maybe You Don’t Need a New Website

    We’ve been talking with some businesses that are mulling over a big decision: build a new website, or update their current website. It’s easy to focus on problems with your current website and assume the only solution is a rebuild. However, you might just need an update rather than a complete overhaul. One business owner…

  • Should You Pay for Jetpack Stats?

    Should You Pay for Jetpack Stats?

    If you have a WordPress website, you might have seen this announcement recently in your admin area: It’s a paywall for Jetpack stats, the WordPress analytics tool. Jetpack is allowing noncommercial sites to continue using the stats for free, but requiring a paid upgrade for anyone using their WordPress site to promote a business, serve…

  • Who Should Have Access to Your Website?

    Who Should Have Access to Your Website?

    One of the decisions you need to make when you launch your new website is this: who should have access to your website? That is, who should be able to get into the admin area and make changes?

  • A New Preschool Website

    A New Preschool Website

    You know your preschool needs a website, but how do you get started? How do you plan an effective website for your school? Here are some tips to consider when you’re planning a new preschool website. We were delighted to have the opportunity to create a new website for First School, a preschool and parents…