• Online Appointments at Your Website

    Online Appointments at Your Website

    Whether you’re making appointments for your medical practice, booking seats for healthy living seminars, scheduling at your salon, or reserving rooms for your outdoor adventure weekends, your clients would like to be able to make those appointments online. Specifically, 72% of patients in a recent study said they want to be able to make online…

  • The WordPress Economy

    The WordPress Economy

    We’re a WordPress shop, so we’re part of the WordPress economy. You might be, too, if you use a WordPress website for your professional site. So how’s the WordPress economy doing? Very well. 41% of all the websites in the universe are built on the WordPress platform. There are more than 82 million WordPress websites.…

  • Changing Web Page Titles

    Changing Web Page Titles

    We got an alarmed email from a client saying that their navigation wasn’t working correctly. Website navigation is basically just a collection of links, and sure enough, one of those links wasn’t working. We explored further and found the cause of the problem: someone had changed the name of the webpage, and the address as…

  • WordPress Powers 40% of the Internet

    WordPress Powers 40% of the Internet

    WordPress now powers 40% of the websites in the universe. That’s 40,000,000 websites. If you count only those websites with a Content Management System (CMS), it’s 64%. Why is WordPress so popular? Our first website built on WordPress was Freshplans, our K-12 public service site. When we saw how well it performed and how easy…

  • Who Should Have Access to Your Website?

    Who Should Have Access to Your Website?

    One of the decisions you need to make when you launch your new website is this: who should have access to your website? That is, who should be able to get into the admin area and make changes?

  • Joe Biden’s WordPress Websites

    Joe Biden’s WordPress Websites

    Websites for U.S. Presidential campaigns have been an important part of the election landscape since at least 1996, the first year for which 4President.us has archives. See all the 2020 presidential campaign sites on their page for this year. The White House got its first website under President Bill Clinton in 1994, two years after…