Do You Really Have to Have a Website?

The latest research shows that Americans now are more likely to go to the internet than to a phone book.

Not younger Americans. Not urban Americans. Not tech-savvy Americans. Just Americans. The computer is now the first place we look for information.

So if you’ve been thinking that maybe someday you ought to have a website, or maybe when you can afford it you’ll get a website, or that a website would perhaps be a good thing for your business in the future — well, then you’re working way too hard.

I was being interviewed yesterday by a nice person from a national newspaper (if you know me IRL, then you already know about this, because I was childishly pleased by it and went around saying, “How cool is that?” and stuff), and she asked me about my website.

Had I paid for it? she wanted to know. And was it worth it?

Well, yes, I paid for it. I tried not to sound as though I were saying, “Excuse me? You don’t get a gorgeous website like mine for free, you know!” So I pointed out that it was built by a local company at a reasonable rate and I wrote it myself and that was a savings, but a professional website was a necessary investment for anyone planning to support herself.

It certainly has been worth it. I get most of my work through my website. It was paid for the first month I had it.

Can you do business without a website? Perhaps you can. But many of your customers will go to a competitor who has a website. The money they would have spent with you is the cost of not having a website. It is probably a good deal more than the cost of having a website.

You can do without the phone book.






2 responses to “Do You Really Have to Have a Website?”

  1. Joe Avatar

    I have had this same discussion with many potential clients. I think the reality is “If you don’t do a website and your competitor does, they will grab some of your business.”
    The ROI is really powerful if the site is done well.
    Using things like for local search (free), is also valuable to boost their performance.

  2. Rebecca Haden Avatar
    Rebecca Haden

    Hey, Joe — I see you and I were writing about the same thing today.

    I always recommend — it’s a step you can take without any special skills or knowledge.

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