Office of Innovation for Education

New Site for Innovation in Education

oie1On Friday, we launched the website for the University of Arkansas’s Office of Innovation in Education.

The OIE works with K-12 in Arkansas, supporting teachers, administrators, parents, students, and communities in bringing new approaches to education. This is a cause that’s dear to our hearts, so we’re particularly excited about this website.

The site features a slide show with large photos that the OIE will be able to trade out frequently as they focus on innovative educational programs in Arkansas.

The home page is designed to be welcoming and also to give the owners a lot of leeway as their mission develops. It pulls in the latest blog posts and the most recent poll for readers, and it directs different groups of stakeholders to different pages.

At the page for students, for example, there are descriptions, photos, and links introducing different approaches to instruction, with a poll asking students what kind they find most appealing.


One of the primary goals of the OIE website is to encourage discussion within the community, so there is a special Feedback page as well as a Contact page, a friendly About Us page with photos of the staff, and polls to start conversations. We’ve built the site so that we can easily add a forum in the future if that looks like the way to go, and social media is integrated — again, with more options planned for the future.

Overall, the design and content show a friendly, inviting, and vibrant attitude that reflects the team at OIE.







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