Strategy Document


Your SEO Strategy Document is custom created for you and your organization, with your goals and resources in mind. The document is usually about 23 pages long, with a clear checklist of actions to take for results.

Once you purchase your report, we schedule a call with you and begin our research. You can expect to receive your complete report within a week. We will be happy to walk you through the report, and to help with any aspects you want to delegate.



We believe in beginning with a thorough site auditĀ and developing a strategy for our clients. When we implement your strategy, we continue to use analytics data to measure the success of the strategy and to respond to new opportunities and challenges.

You can also hire us to perform an online audit and create the SEO Strategy Document for you to implement in-house. Our Strategy Documents include

  • An analysis of your site, including traffic, backlinks, and on-site optimization
  • The competitive landscape for your goods and services
  • Your keywords, both the ones you rank for and the ones you could rank for
  • Linkbuilding recommendations
  • Specific content and social media recommendations
  • Any technical issues hindering your SEO efforts
  • A checklist of actions to take to increase your ranking, traffic, and conversions


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