• Choosing Keywords: The Basics

    Choosing Keywords: The Basics

    Putting a list of keywords into the header of your website — along with your title and description — is a waste of time; Google ignores that list. However, you must still put time, thought, and effort into choosing a list of keywords. Search engines won’t pay attention to your list of keywords, so don’t…

  • Understanding Alt Text

    Understanding Alt Text

    The content that greets visitors to your website is enormously important. The stuff “under the hood” — the meta language that human visitors don’t see — is also important. That includes your alt text. Alt text is descriptions of images included in the code for your images. People with limited vision using assistive readers can…

  • Keywords, Marketing, and Your Brain

    Keywords, Marketing, and Your Brain

    Identifying the right keywords for your website can require quite a bit of research. It’s not a one-time thing, either. We keep a spreadsheet for each of our clients, so we can track the keywords we’re working on and add new ones regularly. You can help your web firm get the best results for you…

  • SEO Confusion

    SEO Confusion

    What happens when you want to optimize your website for some term that has more than one meaning?

  • Writing Product Descriptions at Your Website

    Writing Product Descriptions at Your Website

    We’ve been working with Andrea Pascale of Word Decor ‘n’ More on her forthcoming baby products website, Rock a Baby Wall Quotes.

  • Lab Report: Long Tail Keyword Rankings

    Lab Report: Long Tail Keyword Rankings

    Your website has some basic keywords you should always have in mind. The websites I’m working on today have primary keywords including “kids’ music,” “used furniture,” “Fayetteville apartment rentals,” and “homebuilders.” We always want to include these terms in our writing for these sites, and you should always include your primary keywords when  you’re writing…