10 Reasons to Attend WordCamp Fayetteville

Do you have your tickets for WordCamp Fayetteville 2015 yet? There are still tickets left — you can even buy a ticket on the day of the conference — and tickets are a mere $35.00 each. Buy a ticket.

If you’re still debating whether or not to attend WordCamp Fayetteville, here are 10 good reasons to do so:

  1. You’ve heard of WordPress and you think you might want to use it. At WordCamp, you will meet lots of people who are already using WordPress. They will be able to answer your questions and help in your decision. You will also be able to see lots of WordPress websites, innards and all, so you will know what you’d be getting into.
  2. You’ve tried to use WordPress and so far it totally hasn’t worked for you. You will be able not only to find people who can help, but you will also be able to get their help on your website at the Sunday Implementation Jam Session.
  3. You use WordPress, but you think you might be able to do more than you have so far. You’re right. And not only will you get inspiration for new things you can do, but you will get specific instructions and information, whether you want to spiff up your blog or build better themes.
  4. You own a WordPress website. Whether you love it and want to get the most from it, or you don’t even know what it means to say that it’s a WordPress website, WordCamp will help you feel more confident about your WordPress website.
  5. You need a website and you’re not sure what to do next. We see a lot of people who know they need a website, but they feel paralyzed. There are so many choices and so many price points, that it can seem completely mystifying. Whether you end up with a WordPress website or not, you will have a clearer idea about the internet after WordCamp.
  6. You want to know about SEO. There are three separate sessions on SEO at WordCamp this year, from three very different perspectives. This is a great WordCamp for this topic.
  7. You want to know about digital marketing. How can you use a WordPress website to spread the word about your business or nonprofit? There are several sessions on this topic as well.
  8. You want to know about plugins. Many of the sessions at this WordCamp take close looks at plugins, from those that help with collaborative work to those that help you build custom fields, to those that speed up your website and improve its performance.
  9. You want to get better at what you do. WordCamp is an excellent learning opportunity. If excellence is your goal, you never want to miss a chance to learn more, right?
  10. You want to meet other WordPress users. This is the biggest social event of the year for people who build, publish, and create in WordPress. It’s fun. Look at the happy people at the top of the post. They were at WordCamp.

I rest my case.






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