2020 Color of the Year: Classic Blue

Each year Pantone, the international color experts, name a Color of the Year. We always enjoy showing websites using that color and speculating about the ways designers might use Radiant Orchid or Tangerine.

2020’s color is Classic Blue — we might call it Basic Blue. This is the background color for the web, the most common and basic shade around, more basic than black and possibly less exciting. It is the most popular color in the world, and finding example websites won’t exactly require diligent search. 

Market Watch is calling it Facebook Blue. Pantone says it’s a “reassuring presence.” It certainly won’t take any getting used to.

Website examples

Our newest website, just launched yesterday, is a relaunch of an engineer’s site:

The site owner still loved his design, but years after we built the original site, the menu had gotten unwieldy and the site needed technical updates to keep it performing well. Classic Blue is one of the main colors in the design, along with shades of gray and a pop of red. 

Another recent build of ours is a site for the Republican Party of Puerto Rico. A strong shot of Classic Blue makes the red, white, and blue color scheme work.


An investment website we built earlier in the year uses multiple shades of blue, but Classic Blue is an important part of the look.

So this post has just been too easy.

Will we use the Color of the Year in 2020?

Assuredly, we will. This color has no special meaning, most of the time. It works for just about everyone, practically any subject, any industry… It’s a good old friend, and we predict that the web will show lots of basic blue — ahem, Classic Blue — next year.







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