5 Great Healthcare Marketing Themes for 4th Quarter

Fourth quarter marketing usually centers around Christmas. That could be a mistake. Data from the Census Bureau shows that 4th quarter sales make up 25-28% of retail spending over the year.  Pew Research found that some retailers rely more on holiday spending than others, but even the most present-oriented rarely see more than 30% of revenue in the fourth quarter. A new report from Olvin updates data to include the pandemic.

And that’s just retail spending. Healthcare spending doesn’t show a seasonal pattern at all. And, since we’re not all spending on presents the way we think we are, your customers can fit in some good-for-them expenditures at this time of year.

That doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of all that shopping frenzy. Here are some special fourth quarter themes for health and wellness organizations.

Healthcare marketing themes

  1. Insurance deductibles are a great marketing theme for healthcare. Your patient has finally met that high deductible, so it’s in their best interests to have any other procedures done in this calendar year. Help patients identify procedures and products they need and can have covered by their insurance, and they’ll be grateful.
  2. Cafeteria plans let your patients set aside pre-tax dollars for health expenses. They don’t usually let patients roll them over into the following year. If there are procedures or products your patient can buy in this calendar year, they can avoid losing the money they set aside. You’ll be saving them from the pain of loss, which researchers say is stronger than the pleasure of gain.
  3. “Treat yourself” is a siren song for holiday shoppers. Over the past several years, people have been buying more for themselves while they do their gift shopping. This year, Deloitte’s planned shopping survey says, 53% of shoppers plan to buy clothes for gifts — and 40% plan to buy clothes for themselves. Consumers will buy food and liquor treats, books, and cosmetics, fragrances, and health and beauty aids for themselves, too. In fact, they’ll buy more health and beauty products for themselves than for others. Spa services, feel-good treatments, even a new pair of glasses can be a way for shoppers to treat themselves.
  4. Good intentions are on people’s minds long before New Year’s. Nutritional plans, exercise deals, physical therapy, meditation classes — many shoppers spend weeks researching before they buy. When they’ve given themselves a new year deadline, you should get on their radar now.
  5. Holiday gifts are always on people’s minds at this time of year. That’s why they’re the marketing focus, according to Business Insider. From workout gear to Lamaze classes, health and beauty products and services can make great gifts. Put a little thought into packaging and you may be surprised at the popularity of your holiday offerings.






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