7 Good Reasons Not to Obsess over Being #1 on Google

You see your competitor’s website shows up ahead of yours on Google and suddenly life is not worth living. If you can relate to that statement at all, you should read these seven good reasons not to obsess over being #1 on Google.

  1. Being #1 on Google is like being first in line — you’re #1 for someone, for some keyword, in some location, at some time. It’s not a permanent condition.
  2. Some keywords are more valuable than others. They may be harder to rank for, but worth the extra effort. There’s more to celebrate in being close to the top for a valuable keywords than in being at the top for one with little value for your business.
  3. Do you have all your eggs in one basket? Instead of focusing entirely on being #1 for your primary keyword, work to rank for keywords that come up all along your target market’s path to purchase. When you rank for hundreds of keywords, you can tolerate fluctuations better.
  4. Do you even know all the keywords you rank for? Probably not. You probably also don’t know all the long-tail keywords that bring visitors to your website. Do some research… it’ll probably cheer you up.
  5. While you’re at it, think about the search personalization factors that help you show up for some people. Your brick and mortar shop will show up better for people who are close by. Your customer’s search history can help you out, too. Since people who see your website higher in their results are also more likely to be your ideal customer, your generic search results may not be as important to your bottom line as you think.
  6. We often think that a customer will search for our favorite keyword, click on the top choice, and instantly buy. That’s not really how people behave. Most people visit as many as ten different websites before taking action. They’re not all #1.
  7. There are better things to obsess over. Get completely devoted to improving customer service, website visitor experience, and your products. Better SEO rankings will probably follow.

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