A New Beauty E-commerce Website

Waterfall Day Spa in Kent, Washington, needed a new website for their growing e-commerce business. We built them a WooCommerce site on the WordPress platform.

The homepage includes some fun interactive features leading to pages describing the day spa services and sharing information about ingredients in the skincare line. These articles help with SEO and provide information about ingredients and procedures that may be unfamiliar or intimidating to visitors.

While the interactive elements tempt visitors to spend more time exploring, they can also choose to scroll quickly down to the product area. Using the WooCommerce Shop theme allows us to place the store on the homepage without giving up the advantages of a full-featured homepage.

Interior pages show more details with simple tiled layouts.

High function, low friction

Today’s consumers expect a very smooth shopping experience. They don’t really think about the fact that a shop like Amazon has as very different set of resources from a small local business. They want the same ease of shopping. While clients who want to visit the spa for facial treatments value the personal care and expertise of the owner, online shoppers want to be able to find the items they want, pop them in a cart, and get checked out with minimum fuss.

WooCommerce makes all of that easy. We included Apple Pay and Google Pay options for people who let their computers save their credit card information, and set up a flat fee for shipping. Everything else can be configured to happen automatically.

And while we’re admiring WooCommerce, check out their pre-launch checklist for ecommerce sites. It has lots of reminders and things you should be sure to test before you launch your new online shop.







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