A New Website for Contractors

While there are still a lot of small businesses with no website, there are also now many businesses that built a website when they were smaller, and haven’t gotten around to updating their website to reflect the new reality of their business.

Sometimes this is about time and resources. Growing a business is intense, and marketing can sometimes end up on the back burner. Companies that made the effort and investment to get a website built may feel that their digital marketing has been taken care of, and leave it at that.

One company here in Northwest Arkansas employs more than 500 engineers and technicians, has four locations in two states, and does projects on three continents. We would not have guessed that from their former website.

old website

So we were delighted to create a new website for them. They had just commissioned a new logo which showed all the company’s areas of expertise, and making sure that potential customers were aware of their full range of offerings was a priority. They found that customers who had been hiring them to handle HVAC or electrical projects for years sometimes did not know that they also did millwright or crane and rigging work.

So Tom focused on their seven departments in the new design.

industrial website

The main navigation includes all the essential pages, and a second prominent menu showcases their range of services, using their own exciting photos.

company website

As visitors click through, the color change in the hexagon icons from the logo highlight the various services, the large photo changes, and it’s easy to find full details about the services. The banner also rotates automatically, providing a slideshow for visitors who are browsing rather than looking for specific services right away.

dynamic content

The stacked design includes testimonials, a promotional video, and a list of major clients, and then brings in dynamic content, pulling from the blog and photo gallery which the client can easily maintain in-house, since the website is built with WordPress.

The content of the website had grown organically over time, so we reorganized it, updated the information based on input from all departments, gave it a consistent voice, and optimized it to communicate well with search engines while also supporting the company’s marketing and communication goals.

Since people looking to hire a company of this kind usually have very specific needs and requirements, we worked very closely with the company to make sure that all the right terminology and specs were included, while also making the pages readable and SEO optimized.

industrial gallery

A gallery of photos allows visitors to click on a picture and enlarge it, and a Projects section, hidden now but in place for future use, will give the company a good way to show off their case studies.

The new site, launching soon, will give a more accurate representation of the company’s capabilities and stature while making it easier for visitors to find the information they need.







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