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I met Tony Messer of Pickaweb, a European hosting company, years ago when I wrote a couple of ebooks for him. He’s a nice guy with lots of knowledge and access to lots of data, so I was interested to see his report of some new research he conducted into the factors that make a B2B winner website stand out from the average websites in the same industry.

B2B stands for “business to business” — like benefits brokers, medical supply companies, and software sellers, to name a few of the many B2B players we’ve worked with. If your company provides goods and services to other businesses, you’re B2B. Pickaweb looked at B2B websites that showed up in the top three places on the search engine results pages (SERPs). They compared these websites with industry averages and teased out the factors that distinguished the winners from the control group.

They put together a handy infographic ecapsulating the data, and you can scroll down and see it, but here’s a quick summary of the things the winners do differently from the control group:

  • The winner websites have regularly-updated blogs.
  • They have more pages on their websites, apart from the blogs.
  • They have more links to their websites from other domains.
  • They pay attention to best practices in titles and headers.
  • They’re mobile friendly.
  • They have more Google Business reviews.

One of the most interesting things about the data to me was how easily a company could step ahead of competitors. None of the changes requires a completely new website or a dedicated employee. Haden Interactive can fix all the gaps between an average website and a winning website.

Have a look at the infographic below. Then, if you want to make those changes, give Rosie a call at 479.966.9761 and find out how easy it can be.

Anatomy Of A Winning B2B Website - An Infographic from Pickaweb

Embedded from Pickaweb






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