Content Creation

Digital marketing offers a myriad of channels for reaching customers and potential customers:

  • your brand website, still one of the most trusted sources of information for consumers
  • social media, from Pinterest to LinkedIn to Learnist
  • your company blog, plus other blogs from your team members to brand ambassadors
  • guest posts and online magazine articles
  • podcasts, videos, and slide decks
  • ebooks, white papers, and infographics

There is an unending thirst for information and entertainment online and your brand can be part of it. Some companies use these additional channels as part of their traditional sales cycle. Others have moved on to inbound marketing, or permission marketing.

The inbound marketing system is now as familiar as AIDA:

  • Reach out to people who might be interested in your products and services with blogging, pay per click, and social media.
  • Use calls to action, landing pages, and low-risk offers like ebooks and webinars to get permission to contact prospects.
  • Close sales with targeted email marketing combined with traditional sales techniques.
  • Continue to provide valuable content in order to serve customers and keep them coming back.

All these actions require one thing: great content. And that means you need great content creation.

Content can be complex. Our ebooks are stuffed with practical information.

HI_ManyFish_ebook_cover HI_med_ebook_cover

On the other hand, successful content can also be simple. In a Pinterest board we created for Koru Naturals, we used adventurous snapshots to make a single point about their product — it’s a great natural cleanser, shampoo, and soap in one easy-to-pack bar — in an entertaining way.


Either way, you need a steady supply of high quality content to get the most out of omnichannel marketing.

How can you get that great content?

  • You can develop your own in-house strategy for content and hire writers and designers to create the content under the supervision of your marketing director. This can be highly effective for large companies, but is probably the costliest way to achieve the goal.
  • You can develop your own in-house strategy and hire content creators, either freelance or through an agency. With this option, you might hire writers and designers separately, and the work of coordinating projects and measuring their effectiveness is up to you.
  • You can hire an agency like Haden Interactive to take care of your content marketing, working with them to develop a strategy and measure your goals.
  • You can use a content marketing software system like Hubspot or Pardot. This type of software is worthless without that steady stream of content, so just go back to the top of the list and make your choice.

The bottom line is this: whether you call it omnichannel marketing, content marketing, or inbound marketing, effective digital marketing relies on quality content creation. A steady stream of interesting and original content is the power that drives that engine, so you need to budget for content creation.







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