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  • How Long Should Your Web Content Be?

    How Long Should Your Web Content Be?

    I taught college writing for decades, so I’m very familiar with those words: “How long does it have to be?” The correct answer: “As long as it needs to be.” This is the right answer for web content, too — with a little difference. While for a research paper or an essay, the rule is…

  • Is Your Website Too Wordy?

    Is Your Website Too Wordy?

    Is your website too wordy? Can a website be too wordy? The big problem with the term “wordy” is that it means different things to different people… at different times.

  • Basic Rules for Sales Pages

    Basic Rules for Sales Pages

    Sales pages are not the same as other pages on your website. These are the pages that are supposed to sell something, and most websites have them — or should have them. Follow the basic rules for sales pages and you will see an increase in conversions. We’re not talking about the pages that have…

  • Content Marketing ROI or ROT?

    Content Marketing ROI or ROT?

    I’m not sure who came up with the acronym ROT to describe content that is redundant, outdated, or trivial, but it’s a good acronym. When you’re thinking about the return on investment of your content marketing efforts, it makes sense to clean up the content you currently have on your website. We’re working right now…

  • The ADA and Your Website

    The ADA and Your Website

    We are in favor of accessibility in websites, and we build all websites with that in mind. But I want to propose a thought experiment to you. Imagine that you have a small resort, dude ranch, maybe even a bed and breakfast or a roadside motel. Imagine further that someone who has no intention of…

  • Marketing Like Pepsi

    Marketing Like Pepsi

    When Pepsi (or Coca-Cola — I don’t care) make a marketing plan, they are secure in the knowledge that the great majority of their visitors know these two things: what they offer how to get it Practically everyone is aware that Pepsi is a soft drink. They know how to go to a store and…