CPG School

CPG School’s founder, Matt Fifer, says the one-day conference for early stage CPG companies coming up this October is all about bricks and clicks.

Bricks in the sense of brick and mortar stores like Harp’s, Walmart, and Sam’s Club, all of which will have representatives on hand. Clicks in the sense of online sellers like Amazon and Walmart.com, both of which are included in the sessions being presented at CPG School.

Here’s what CPG School has to offer:

  • Information. CPG School includes a full day of great presentations from industry leaders. The target audience is early-stage CPG companies. When you’re wondering about packaging and logistics, about how to get a meeting with a buyer, and how to fund your company’s expansion, you’ll find answers at CPG School. That’s the school part.
  • Access. Wouldn’t you love to be able to ask insiders the questions you struggle with as you work on launching your new product or growing your range? Now you can. The speakers at CPG School are retail rockstars and manufacturing mavens — and so are many of the attendees. If you’re still mixing up your products on your kitchen table, you probably can’t get an appointment with them, but you can get cozy at CPG School.
  • Inspiration. Along with the big players, you’ll also have the chance to hear from people who were where you are now just a couple of years ago. You’ll get to learn from their mistakes (you don’t have time to make all the possible mistakes on your own) and also from their successes. You’ll network with people who are facing the same challenges you are, and share knowledge as well as emotional support… and the kind of jokes that only make sense to other CPG companies.

I find that WordCamp and Digital Mastermind meetups keep me excited and on top of my game when it comes to Haden Interactive. I know that our CPG clients will have the same great ROI from CPG School. The next date is October 21st, 2015. Register now.






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