Cyber Monday Special

Every SEO Strategy Document bought today will be 30% off!

What’s an SEO Strategy Document?

When we begin working with a client, we do a lot of research about their online presence. We look closely at their website. We delve into their web analytics if they have some installed. We examine their competitors and the way people search for their goods and services.

All this information lets us develop a strategic plan for the new client. It’s the foundation of our work, and one reason we get such good results.

If you are not a regular client of ours, we can still do this research for you. We’ll write it up into a document that gives you a specific checklist of actionable steps for your online marketing.

You can take these steps in-house, or you can have us help you.

Either way, you’ll know what’s worth doing and where it makes sense to allocate your resources.

How can you get an SEO strategy document?

Easy. Just put it in your cart. We will contact you to learn more about your business, and you will receive your custom SEO Strategy Document within a week following discovery.

Remember, this is not an e-book or a template. It is a custom document based entirely on the specific needs of your business and your website. Buy it today and you will save 30%. It’s a great way to get your 2019 planning underway.







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