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Put it in your cart, make your payment through PayPal, and you’ll get your report in your inbox in December. That way, you’ll know the best way to use your resources in January to improve your online presence. 

What’s an SEO Strategy Document?

Our SEO Strategy Document includes the actionable data you need:


Our overview of your website gives you lots of basic data you need to know about your website and what action, if any, that requires.

  • The age and history of your domain, and what that means for your website
  • The number of Google-indexed pages, and what to do about pages that are not indexed
  • Any indications of hacking or Google penalties
  • Any tech issues that might be interfering with your site’s SEO

Basically, this section explores the strengths, assets, and possible obstacles and opportunities for improvement.


You need to know who your visitors are, how they’re finding you, and the essential divisions among your visitors — those who convert and those who don’t. This information is essential for determining how to allocate your marketing resources.

Say you put your funds into Facebook ads because you heard that Facebook is the best choice — but the truth is that your Facebook visitors don’t convert. Without that information, you can’t make data-driven decisions about your marketing investments.

Goals and Conversions

If you have Goals configured in Google Analytics, we can tease out the actionable data. If you don’t, we can identify useful configurations for you. Either way, you can see the most active and valuable sources of traffic to your website, identify the behavior of your most loyal customers, and find out what works — and what needs work.


Links from other websites are still a primary factor in rankings, not to mention an important source of traffic. We can identify the best kinds of links for you and give you specific suggestions for how to increase those links.

We’ll also let you know if you have problems caused by unwise choices in linkbuilding.


Your website’s content is quite simply the most important factor for SEO and conversion. We’ll provide data about your content’s performance and suggestions for improvements in your content. This may include issues with meta data, information about competitors, keyword analysis, site architecture issues, and recommendations for media use on your website.

Everyone’s website is different, and the right content choices will depend on your industry and your goals. We’ll provide actionable recommendations for content marketing specifically for you.

Social media

You may already be rocking social media, or you may have no social media at all. Either way, we’ll suggest the best platforms and tactics for you, as well as the options for paid social media that are most likely to work well for you.


Your document will consist of 20 or more pages of specific, clearly explained data about your website and your overall online presence. It finishes up with a detailed checklist of the actions you should take to improve your online presence.

What Should You Do with Your SEO Strategy Document?

How can you get your SEO Strategy Document?

Purchase your SEO Strategy Document. Today only, it’s 30% off.

We’ll contact you for a conversation that will help us understand your goals for your website. We’ll conduct intensive research on your website. If you need Google Analytics installed, we can take care of that for you.

Then we’ll write up your document and deliver it by email. We’re happy to meet with you by phone or face to face to go over the document.

How your custom SEO Strategy Document saves you money

You probably get lots of offers to make you #1 on Google or something similar. You may get offers for free reports showing the errors on your website. We get them, too. We’ve followed up on those offers, too, so we know that you can end up with automatic reports of arcane information about your website. That’s not useful.

You need an actual strategy that will work for your website and your organization, not aggregated data and random tips. That’s the way to decide where to put your resources. You can spend a lot more than the cost of your SEO Strategy Document on random marketing efforts. Instead, start with your custom SEO Strategy Document and you’ll know where to invest time, money, and attention in 2018.







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