Diary of a Website: Linkbuilding

Myra’s site, GraysLlandAcres.com, has been live for about a month now, and her basic linkbuilding was completed a couple of weeks ago. This timing is right. Jumping in with a lot of links all at once looks (and often is) unnatural, so we like to do regular linkbuilding over a period of time.

Ideally, you’ll do regular linkbuilding on an ongoing basis, but we’re talking about that initial campaign.

Spreading linkbuilding out also offers the benefit of allowing us to see what kind of link is bringing traffic. All good quality links are good for search and for establishing visibility on the web. The kind that brings traffic, though, will be what you want to focus on for ongoing linkbuilding.

Myra’s site currently gets traffic primarily from her blog (which is how it’s supposed to work), my blog, and her social media. It therefore makes sense for her to focus on social media.

However, her presence in business directories, lists about llamas and goats, and such will all help her site to gain visibility.

Myra will be ready to sell products next month, so her next project is to add e-commerce capability to her site. We’ll tell you about that next time.

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