Digital Marketing for Spa Services

Word of mouth — including consumer reviews and social media — is often the main driver of traffic for spa services. But the nature of these services can also get in the way of word of mouth as a marketing tactic. Let’s face it, casual acquaintances don’t go into detail about their Brazilians over lunch. Most customers will hesitate to put their name on the kind of fact-filled review that brings in new customers when the subject is very personal services. Plenty of women don’t want it known that they’re having Botox or Juvenal treatments, and that goes double for men. Digital marketing for spa services can be a better bet.

Use integrated digital marketing.

You can’t count on customers to share their satisfaction with your wrinkle treatments on Facebook. But the very fact that these services aren’t being chatted about  means that you can be sure your prospective customers are going to look online for your services. You just have to be sure that you show up, and that you look better online than your competitors.

A strong website with a blog, Facebook ads, Adwords, and social media will all work together to make sure that your spa shows up in search. Make sure that you’re listed in all local service directories and build a great Google Plus business page.

Be sure that your website includes as much information as possible, including what to expect during a first visit, pricing, the qualifications of your staff, and clear descriptions of every service. This is your chance to be helpful to your visitors, to make clients comfortable from the beginning, and to show up ahead of your competitors in local search. Make sure your web content writers are good at making technical stuff readable. It’s smart to hire a professional to write your website content.

Help visitors extrapolate from more public spa services to more private ones.

Check out local spa reviews and you’ll probably find plenty for eyebrow waxing services, even if you don’t find many for bikini waxing. If that’s true for your spa’s reviews, you’ll notice that many of the comments would apply to either service. Friendly staff, skilled aestheticians, and a clean and stylish environment matter to all your customers.

So pull those comments from your spa’s reviews and comment cards and add them to the applicable pages on your website. Use them in your social media. Just be sure you are thoughtful and discreet. Once your customer posts a comment publicly, it’s public, and you can share it. If it’s on a comment card at your spa, you can ask permission and share it. But be sure not to overshare. “Mrs. K said our spa is ‘clean and professional’ and we know she loved her dermal peel!” is not discreet.

Your spa may or may not be covered by HIPAA regulations, but follow the guidelines for HIPAA-compliant social media and you’ll keep your clients happy.

Create a simple path to purchase.

Let your web visitor book an appointment at your website. Make it easy to buy products at the website for pick up at the spa. Modern technology makes these things easy, but most spas don’t take advantage of that fact, so you’ll be ahead of your competitors when you do this.

Work with your web firm to create a simple, clean path to purchase for all your services, even if you don’t want to feature photos of all of them on the home page. Then make certain that your social media brings visitors to your website.

It might not be all lotus blossoms at your spa, but digital marketing can be extremely effective for personal services. Call Rosie at 479.966.9761 to find out how you can get a custom digital marketing strategy for your business.






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