There are lots of social media tools around. They’ll monitor your brand’s online presence, let you schedule posts, and report on the performance of your social media campaigns. Many also offer some tools for discovering good content to share. Typically they’ll allow you to read RSS feeds through your dashboard or to search for tweets by keyword or hashtag. This can be a good way to identify interesting news to share with your brand’s followers.

Everpost turns things around by focusing on the discovery of content. As you can see in the screenshot above, Everpost presents a grid of stories. You choose the topics, using a simple checkbox menu, and you’ll get a mix of the topics you’ve chosen. You can also focus on a single topic from your selections. With paid versions, you’ll also get quotes and gamified posts — that is, posts that ask a question or present a game.

Click on a post and you’ll see a text box with hints:


Type in your comment or question, choose whether to post the item as a photo and whether to post immediately or to schedule it out, and the item heads to your Facebook, Twitter, and/or LinkedIn account (G+ is coming soon). Here the Candy Crush story is on our Facebook page:


And here’s what you see if you click through:


Your post is branded with your logo, “shared by” info, and encouragement to Like. If you’re using the free version, it’s also branded with Everpost’s logo, but paid versions are not.

Paid versions are modestly priced — currently $9.00 for three profiles and $38.00 for up to 15 profiles. The free version allows you to post for a single account and to schedule as many as 10 posts at a time.

The suggested content is not uniformly great stuff — you definitely need to click through and read articles before you post them. For example, one of the suggested articles for me this morning begins with this sentence: “This is a known fact that for every successful business there needs to an existence of a web site which is designed by a procedure called as a web designing procedure.” You absolutely cannot just click anything with a nice picture and assume it’ll be good.

You’re also not seeing every great article your followers might enjoy. If your goal is to delight followers with new and exciting content they might now otherwise have seen, you’re going to have to do some work — or pay someone to do it for. Still, Everpost is a very efficient way to curate content for your social media, and it’s fun to use.






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