Faith in The Internet

Why hire anyone to do anything, right? There’s nothing that the Internet can’t fix. Going to some so-called “professional” is like emptying your pockets over a trash can, dowsing the whole thing in kerosene, and lighting it with a match. The Internet is a magic wand of how-tos and instructional videos that turns anyone into anything that they want or need to be.

Why go to a doctor who spent a decade in school, who has two decades of experience, and an invaluable wealth of knowledge when you can Google, “is it bad to lose feeling in your legs” and get all the medical attention you need from WebMD?

Your car’s broken? You can be a mechanic. Your sink is clogged? You can be a plumber. In a pickle for plumbing without a license? You can come to your own defense with a little DIY law tutorial. All you need is the ability to type, read, and be able to approximate spelling to the point where the search engine of your choice will be able to identify what it is you’re trying to find.

People put a whole lot of faith in the Internet. We’re living in an age when you don’t necessarily need knowledge beyond reading and typing. Even critical thought is superfluous. It doesn’t matter if you can name all 44 U.S. presidents off the top of your head, because anyone with a smartphone can name those presidents too. With the Internet, there’s nothing you don’t know.

With information so readily available, it’s easy to believe that paying a professional for a service is wasteful. Doing something yourself is always cheaper than paying someone else to do it.

While search engines are ideal for impostering a history buff on a first date or learning how to make marshmallows from scratch, they can’t replace professionals. Search engines may be able to convey basic information or give you a general understanding of a thing, but they can’t necessarily communicate the skill, experience, and deeper understanding of a subject that professionals have.

You don’t need a deep understanding of marshmallows to experiment in the kitchen, but some things are more important than how sweet or fluffy your marshmallows turn out. Like your business for example.

Since the Internet is such an integral part of our daily lives, digital marketing is more important than it’s ever been before. Writing web content, conducting search engine optimization, and engaging in social media are just a few of the things that every business needs to do. While many business try DIY methods, they won’t get the same caliber of results as they would with a professional.

Yes, you can find tons of useful information online, but having access to information doesn’t replace the need for professionals.






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