Funny Keyword Searches

I stumbled onto Sally DeFord’s list of funny search strings that brought people to her website last night and had a moment of nostalgia. There was a time when a funny keywords post could be found on all SEO blogs at the end of the year. We got over the humor of it and moved on, possibly to startled-looking animals with wry captions.

But it struck me that this might be the last year we could do these. Google is no longer sharing keyword data with us the way they used to, and (not provided) isn’t that amusing.

So here they are, the funniest searches at this year:

  1. beauty gurus are so stupid (we never said that, by the way)
  2. chaotic rhaden card (we have a couple of R. Hadens here, but we’re not that chaotic)
  3. cool work polo shirts for tech guys (not something we offer, but we understand the desire)
  4. creepy marketing (also not something we offer)
  5. tired of designing websites (that is something we offer — call us and put your feet up)
  6. “dumb search” (speaks for itself, doesn’t it?)
  7. how to match your color with the background to be invisible (not recommended for websites, and it doesn’t always work in person)
  8. who are these people following me (something we’ve heard from clients, actually)
  9. computer in different places (we’ve probably had clients who were wondering about this, too; you can ask us anything)
  10. spider web design for three billy goats (good for Google, coming up with anything to offer this searcher)

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  1. Jonathan Nunez Avatar
    Jonathan Nunez

    Why is number 10 not number 1?

    1. Rebecca Haden Avatar
      Rebecca Haden


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