5 Ways to Get Traffic to Your New Website

A well-optimized, established website will have organic search as its main source of traffic. But what about your brand-new website that doesn’t yet have that organic search traffic coming? You can wait for the organic traffic to build up, but you can also use other tactics to get your website in front of people.

Here are five ways to jump-start traffic to your new website:

  1. Google Ads, Google’s digital advertising service, is a great way to show up for people who are searching for your goods and services — even if you don’t yet show up in organic search. Google Ads are paid search. It’s not like sticking a billboard by the side of the road and hoping people will visit. Your ads show up only for people who are actually looking for what you have to offer. Since it’s paid, you can be sure that you will show up. It’s also a great way to test keywords and offers.
  2. Social media ads can also get you out in front of new people. While your conversion rate might not equal what you’ll get from Google Ads, Facebook or Twitter ads can be a very cost-effective way to meet new people and get them to visit your website. Target your ads to your specific geographic area, to the people who are following a competitor or an influencer in your field, or to a “community” you build that matches your ideal customer persona. And of course make sure that once they reach your website they find useful content that intrigues or delights them and makes them want to come back.
  3. Social media posts can also bring people to your website. Choose your platform wisely by considering both the kinds of social media your target market may be using and the assets you have available. For example, if you have plenty of great pictures, a highly visual platform like Pinterest or Instagram can really showcase your images. If you offer professional services for businesses, LinkedIn is your best shot. But don’t just rely on general information. There are strong communities on every social media platform, and finding yours can be a game-changer. Don’t underestimate the amount of time involved in developing groups and communities in social media. Posting unpaid promotional content every now and then won’t get good results.
  4. Email marketing can be very effective. Your website is your top tool for building your email list, but you can certainly get people to your website if you already have a house list. Announce your new website and invite your current patients or clients to visit. Then, as you add content to your website, send out emails linking to your new posts and pages.
  5. Share information about your website in the physical world. Put your web address on your business cards, invoices, sacks, signage, and everywhere else you use your company name. Train your team to ask, “Have you visited our website?” when they interact with patients or clients. Download Facebook table tents to encourage your clients to check in, thus sharing your business information with their Facebook friends.

These actions will give you a good step up and get your website noticed. At the same time, work on optimizing your content and adding fresh new content regularly, so your site will show up when people look for the goods and services you have to offer. That investment will pay off in the long run.

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