Google Engage now Google Partners

We’ve enjoyed being a Google Engage agency, but Google is always working to improve, and they’ve replaced the Engage program with the new Google partners program. We’ve joined the program, but we don’t become a Google Partner automatically just because we were a Google Engage agency. There are certification requirements, and some requirements based on time and money that can’t be hurried. We’re looking forward to qualifying, because we also are always working to improve. However, we also want you to know that our Engage badge is gone not because we lost it but because the program has changed.

What did Engage do, and what does the new Google partners program intend to do?

First, these programs are designed to serve an underserved section of the market. Large companies with large ad budgets go to large agencies. They’re taken care of well and they’re profitable for Google. Little companies who want to spend a few hundred dollars a month on Adwords usually set it up for themselves. They don’t see much in the way of results and they don’t keep at it long.

But there are lots of companies that want to get results with CPC without having the kind of budget that allows them to work with big agencies. We’ve been managing clients’ cost per click or pay per click advertising with Google for years now, and we’re proud of our ability to get our clients the most bang for their buck.

I expressed this to a Googler over dinner when Josepha and I went to Google camp in Rome a couple of years ago.

“My goal, I have to admit,” I said, “is to get our clients the most I can for the least amount of money possible.”

“That’s what we want, too,” the Googler assured me.

I believe it.

Google’s ads support the amazing work Google does in organizing the world’s information, including not just the search engine but also amazing tools like Google Earth, the NGram Viewer, Google Books, Google Scholar, the Google Art Project, the Google Science Fair, and much, much more.  When smaller companies get the help they need to improve their ROI with Adwords, they stick with the program. They get better results, Google gets the funds to support their amazing educational initiatives, and of course smaller agencies like ours benefit too.

So we’re all on the same side.

The Engage program and the Partners program also provide specialized training and support to ensure the best possible experience for Adwords clients. We’re embarking on the new training now and looking forward to earning our Partners badge.

We have a great record of helping our clients get better results with their budgets. We’d love to help you do the same. Call 479.966.9761 to start the conversation.






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