Google Partners

Haden Interactive was a Google Engage agency for years, but Google recently switched from Google Engage to Google Partners. A Google Partner is similar to an Engage agency, but there are some differences.

Why did Haden Interactive choose to partner with Google?

We are unabashed fans of Google. Not only has Google organized data — lots of data, not just search results — in ways that make information more accessible than ever before in history, but Google provides more valuable free tools for schools, nonprofits, and businesses than anyone else, including the U.S. government.

That’s a big deal to us.

The Google Partners program doesn’t mean that we have special deals with Google. Neither do those people who call you and say that they will remove your web listings if you don’t pay them. Google Partners have taken exams and met quality standards set by Google for managing Adwords CPC. We have a lot of training opportunities, which is another reason we made the effort to be included in the program.

Why should you consider working with a Google Partner?

There’s some overlap in answers. Google Partners have passed certification exams and met quality standards, obviously good things for their clients. Since one of the main advantages of the program is ongoing professional development, chances are good that a Google Partner agency will be keeping up with changes and requirements.

In a field in which — we freely admit it — there is no licensing, no obvious academic requirements, and no central authority, we think that choosing a Google partner agency should give you a sense of confidence.

How can you tell if an agency is a Google Partner?

There’s a badge:


No one is allowed to use this badge except Google Partners. That’s how you can tell.

We’re delighted to have earned our badge.






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