Healthcare Marketing: Product Strategy

If you’re responsible for healthcare marketing for a clinic or physician’s practice, you my not think in terms of products. Service, science, art — sure. Product? Not so much. But when you plan your healthcare content marketing strategy, it makes sense to take a coldblooded minute for product strategy.

Step 1: Choose the product(s)

We ask our clients, “What’s the most profitable procedure?” It’ll take a long time for us to write about every single procedure at their website, so it makes sense to start with the most profitable ones. It is just as helpful to provide patient education materials for the highly profitable blepharoplasty as for the less profitable options.

Each procedure can be considered a product. There may be other parts of your practice that can also be considered products. Perhaps you offer a block of physical therapy sessions at a special price, specific kinds of testing, or a monthly concierge care service.

Among these items you can think of as products, there are some that are more profitable, a better fit for your practice, or even more enjoyable to provide. Choose one to three of these to work on first.

Step 2: Identify the keywords

The next step is to figure out how your patients and potential patients look for the product(s) online. For  blepharoplasty, we see that people are more likely to look for “upper eyelid surgery.” “Eye lift” is another common search term. You’ll want to work on all three of these terms.

You can use tools like Google Trends, Google Ads keyword tool, or other keyword suggestion tools to find the best terms. We suggest that you add them to a spreadsheet or to a keyword tracking tool. You’ll thank yourself in the future for organizing your efforts now.

Step 3: Create awesome content

Then create the best possible content on your website for each of the keywords you’ve identified. Answer the questions you hear from patients, include all the information they’ll need to make a decision, and make sure it’s clear.

We recommend creating Content Clusters for each product.

Step 4: Monitor and adjust

We began blogging for a new client at the beginning of the month, 12 days ago. Working on a content cluster, we have moved three of their five priority keyword rankings to page 2 on Google already. As you can see, we’re seeing good movement on these five keywords.

This confirms that our strategy is working well, and we’ll keep at it. If we weren’t seeing great results, we’d know that we should consider alternatives.

We also look at traffic and conversions. With a product strategy, you can also look at product sales. Decide on your metrics and keep track of your results. Otherwise, you won’t know when you meet your goals.

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