March 2019 Google Update

Google has confirmed that they made a major update to the algorithm they use to help searchers find information they need online. The update is called the March 2019 Core Update. Will this affect your website? If so, can you fix it?

Google’s answer to this question is clear: “There’s no ‘fix’ for pages that may perform less well other than to remain focused on building great content.”

What has changed?

Nobody knows. Google says that there is “nothing wrong” with pages that do less well under the new update. It is simply that that they are now rewarding pages that were undervalued. That is all that Google has to say on the subject.

Speculations are taking place across the internet. If we see any real data, we’ll let you know.

None of the websites we manage have seen significant changes in their organic traffic. This is normal for us. We don’t play “SEO” tricks; we always focus on great content and a great user experience. When you do that, you don’t have to worry about algorithm changes.

Google’s algorithm is designed to provide a good user experience for searchers. Cooperate with that and you can expect good results.

What if your website is suffering?

Some websites will suffer from the algorithm change. You might see a drop in your organic traffic or in your keyword rankings.

If so, there’s no quick fix. You need to have a practical SEO strategy, and to work on it regularly. In our experience, steady work on excellent content and usability provides ongoing good results. We’ll be happy to create a custom SEO Strategy document you can use in-house, or to take on your SEO services with our expert team.






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