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Health information is one of the most common kinds of searches on the web. People search for solutions to health problems and answers to their medical questions before they visit a doctor. In fact, the Pew Research Center found that 80% of American adults have looked for health information online — and the number may be higher now. Back in 2011, they reported that 89% of college-educated Americans used the internet to look for health information, and that people started seeking that information as soon as they got internet access. They’re no longer checking these numbers, because it’s clear that just about everybody uses the internet to find health information. What does this mean for medical content writing?

Your patients are getting their information online…

So wouldn’t you rather they got it from you? There are two main reasons you want people reading the information that you provide.

There’s a lot of really good, accurate information on the internet. Major organizations such as the CDC, NIHS, and WHO provide reliable health information online. However the internet is also lousy with misinformation and disinformation.

There are lots of different opinions about nutrition, exercise, illness, medicine, vaccinations, and all things related to health. Some of these opinions are rooted in science and research, but some of these opinions are based on little more than belief. It’s sometimes difficult to separate the good information from the bad information. This is a service you can offer to your patients by providing authoritative content at your website, instead of leaving them to “Dr. Google.”

The other reason you want people reading your information is that it can help your practice. The more quality content you have on your site, the more likely it is that people will find your site through search. This can help bring in new clients for your practice.

Medical content writing isn’t on your daily schedule.

It isn’t realistic to expect that you’re going to provide care for all of your patients, manage your practice, balance your work life with family life, and on top of all of that find the time to write creative content for your medical practice three to five times a week.

But that’s OK. You don’t need to make time for medical content writing because that’s not in your job description.

It makes sense to hire a professional.

You need a good writer. But you also need someone who can do research on health concerns, understand medical news, and explain health information clearly to people who may have trouble reading authoritative content on medical subjects.

At Haden Interactive, we’ve been writing medical content for the web for a decade. We’ve written for hospitals, private practice doctors in many fields, clinics, therapists, health and beauty product manufacturers, medical spas and fitness studios, and medical researchers. We’re certified for HIPAA compliance and all our writers have college degrees in relevant fields. We like long-term relationships with our clients, and prefer to work as strategic partners, working to help you reach your goals.

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